• A Property in Singapore is Probably The Highest Priced Asset that One Will Purchase in A Lifetime


    For you, will it be based on an EMOTIONAL or RATIONAL Decision?


    This is often a tough choice, especially when you are looking to buy a home to live in.

    Read on to get more insights on what are some of the factors to consider before making your decision!

  • What is the Aim of Having A Customised Property Road Map?

  • Being Financially Free When Retirement Comes

    Owning an asset which will give you options when it comes to retirement should be everyone's goal, and the reason for working hard in our jobs for a large part of our lives.

  • Is it really that straight forward? To work hard and own private properties?

    Do you know? Singapore's Real Estate market had seen the introduction of 10 rounds of cooling measures since 2009.

    Gone Are the Days Where One is Able to Own Multiple Properties Just By Coming Up With The Initial Downpayment and Use Rental to pay 100% of the Monthly Installments.

    Thus, the approach to benefit financially from real estate is very, very different moving forward

  • (Cooling Measures and How it Affected the Private Residential Market)

  • Everyone We Had A Discussion With is Affected in One Way or Another by the Cooling Measures!

    Despite having options, some chose to sit on the fence.

    There were a good number of people who were left disappointed as we identified that it will be too stretched for their finances after going through a detailed calculation. 

    There are also others who embarked on a their customised property road map with us to achieve their goals.

  • Our Clients Are From Different Life Stages Where Their Goals Will Be Different

    It does not really matter what your current intention is, we are certain that we can still value add to your property related planning.

  • Like them, these may be some of your thoughts...

    Age 21 to 30

    First Time Buyers | Home Seekers

    • HDB Build to Order (BTO), HDB Resale, Executive Condo or Private Property?
    • Freehold or 99 Years Leasehold?
    • Resale or New Launches?

    Age 31 to 50

    Upgraders | Investors

    • Upgrading means an increase in mortgage repayments, how can I do it stress free?
    • The cooling measures are a barrier to my plans, are there ways to overcome them?
    • When is the best time to sell and buy?

    Age 51+

    Retirement Planners | Legacy Planners

    • How should I unlock the value of my property so that I can retire comfortably?
    • How can I restructure my portfolio of properties to maximise my passive returns?
    • With all the assets I have, how can I help my children own private properties of their own?
  • Can You Relate to Any of the Above?


    Have a Non-Obligatory Discussion with Us to Discover Your Best Options!

  • In a FREE & Non-Obligatory 2 Hour Discussion

    These can be some of your takeaways!

    • An Overview of the Current Property Market and Outlook, Which Are Crucial Knowledge to Have Before Making a Good Decision
    • Key Considerations to Choose the RIGHT PROPERTY for your Desired Outcome
    • Upgrade Comfortably with Substantial Reserve Funds and Borrow Within Your Means
    • Ways to Make the Cooling Measures Work to Your Advantage
    • Maximise the Use of Your Hard Earned CPF Savings
    • Build Your Property Portfolio (2 or More Properties) in the Most Cost Effective Way

  • You May Have Heard of Some of the Above Benefits from Ads by Other Agents Which May Seem Too Good to Be True

    Could there be any 'loopholes' that you are not aware about?

    The fact is, there is NO SECRET. It Requires a 100% Customised Property Road Map Which Includes Detailed Financial Calculations & Funding Strategies


    And Most Importantly, Choosing the RIGHT Property Which Can Best Suit Your Aims

  • Some of the Services We Provide to Help You Achieve Your Property Goals

    A Concise Market Update

    We understand that facts and figures can sometimes get too long winded, thus we streamlined it to be delivered in less than 10 mins. A market update is crucial to know whether it is currently in your favour or not

    Offer Various Options

    After understanding more about your needs and intentions, we are able to propose a few options in terms of the path you can choose to take, and highlighting potential obstacles caused by the cooling measures along the way.

    Financials Within Minutes

    When you work with us, you will only be asked to ‘speak to a banker’ once your plans are firmed up. With our customised excel sheets, we are able to calculate your loan eligibility, sales proceeds etc within seconds.


    Timeline Planning

    Besides financial planning, timeline planning is equally as important to plan for cash flow, accommodation etc. One missed step could potentially lead to a major disruption in your planning.

    Identify the RIGHT Properties

    We don’t believe that there is one single property that can fit everyone’s taste and need. From All New Launches to Resale properties, we identify assets which best matches your requirements and needs.

    Constant Communication

    Communication is the key to success, in many aspects of life. This is the same with a property transaction, we hope to be working alongside you instead of for you, so that your interests are placed first.

  • What You Decide Now Might Affect How Financially Comfortable Your Retirement Will Be

    Be in touch with us to get started with reliable advice and in-depth planning.


    No obligation, nothing to lose, All it takes is just 2 hours of your time.

  • Start Your Property Purchase the RIGHT Way

    Know all your options before making one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime.

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