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    Are You Looking To..

    ..Purchase Your First Property?


    ..Upgrade from Your Current Property?


    ..Switch Property Because of Changing Needs?


    ..Maximise Returns from Your Property Portfolio?


    ..Understand About the Current Trends in the Property Market Before Deciding Your Next Step?

  • Singapore Government Had Introduced Multiple Cooling Measures Since 1996.

    • Eliminated Speculation
    • Enforced Financial Prudence
    • Promoted a Sustainable Property Market
    • Restricted One's Ability to Own Multiple Properties
    • Entering and Exiting the Property Market is No Longer Straightforward
    Notable Cooling Measures: Loan to Value (LTV), Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD), Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD)

  • The Choice You Make NOW


    Will Have An Impact On Your Choices in the FUTURE

    The good news is that with the right assistance, you will be able to avoid foreseeable obstacles caused by the cooling measures in achieving your objectives.

  • Have a F.R.E.E DISCUSSION With Us Before Making Any Decision

    A FREE 2 to 3 Hours Consultation Session, Which Could Be Your First Step to Financial FREEDOM When Retirement Comes.



    • Understand how cooling measures will affect affordability
    • Get the full picture on your financials within minutes


    • Planning for both short term and long term needs, in the event of changes
    • Discuss objectives and identify possible scenarios


    • Get understanding of property market
    • Use facts and data to identify opportunities


    • Know the pros and cons of the various options you can take
    • Go through P.R.U.D.E.N.T Checklist to reduce risk from the start

    Get in Touch Now to Arrange for a Non-Obligatory Discussion


    Some Takeaways From The Discussion

    Understanding Affordability & Avoid Stress

    When Affordability is Present, You Are Able to Tide Through the Tough Times Without Losing Money

    Heard of too-good-to-be-true marketing shout outs like being able to upgrade from HDB to Condo with $7000 monthly income and still have spare funds for rainy days?


    The fact is, everyone's lifestyle and situation is different and thus the only way to identify such a possibility is by doing the necessary calculations.


    Our customised calculators will be able to generate the numbers you need to consider within a few minutes, so that you do not have to explore and use various online calculators to get the full picture of your financials.

    Plan for Massive 'Discounts' by Saving on ABSD When Growing Property Portfolio

    Understand and Identify Possible Options to Navigate Around Cooling Measures Such as ABSD

    If your household is having the objective to own multiple properties as part of your retirement plans, planning does not start only when you have the financial means.


    Planning has to start NOW, even before you purchase your first property. By doing so, you could potentially save thousands of your hard earned savings.


    For existing property owners, we can identify ways to restructure your portfolio and propose the best option to help in achieving your goals.

    Identify Properties Which Have Good Potential to Outperform the Market

    Do You Know? Since 2013, Lessons We Can Learn From The Past Is Not Valid Anymore Moving Forward

    With the introduction of the cooling measures, Singapore's property market had evolved and the criteria to make the most out of your purchase is very different from the past.


    There is a very good reason as to why the value of most properties had stayed stagnant since then. But more interestingly, there are properties who had outperformed the market (even though priced the highest in the same location), and those are the ones you need to zoom in on if growing wealth from property is your objective.

    Understand Both the Opportunities & Risks of Your Options

    By Making An Informed Decision, You Can Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario in Case Things Do Not Go To Plan

    Besides considering the factors about ENTRY. It is also best to consider an EXIT plan. With the obstacles in place for buying / selling properties. It is no longer straightforward to have a change of mind if a change in needs and situation happens in the future.

  • Definition of prudent:

    "acting with or showing care and thought for the future."

    7 Important Factors that you MUST Consider if You Are Looking to Purchase An ASSET Which you can Leverage on For Your Future.


    1) What is The Right Entry Price?


    2) Can I Rent It Out Easily Should The Need Arise?


    3) Which Specific Unit Makes the Most Sense?


    Besides the 3 factors above, there are 4 other factors which will greatly help in IDENTIFYING THE RIGHT PROPERTY!


    Be in Touch Now to Ensure That You Will Be Making An Informed Decision!


    Get in Touch Now to Arrange for a Non-Obligatory Discussion

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