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  • Looking for Realistically Priced Projects?

    Identify Developers Who Are Genuinely Looking to Sell Units

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  • Common Challenges Faced When Searching for the Best Price & Latest Information

    These are usually caused by misconceptions when purchasing a property from developers!

    Inaccurate Pricing on Major Internet Portals

    Listings on major property portals such as PropertyGuru, SRX and 99.co (just to name a few) are usually created to attract clicks, and one of the most common methods is to put a very low price which is invalid and untrue.

    Multiple "Official Developer Websites" Found via Advertisements On Google and Facebook

    Some buyers are under the impression that the developer has multiple websites and choose to register their interest on these websites so as to get the best possible price. However, the people behind the websites are usually property agents and thus different websites are probably not 100% updated.

    Too Many New Launches to Compare With

    Going from website to website, portal to portal just to find information to determine the RIGHT property is a huge challenge, especially when at the end of the day, there is no real benefit.

  • If you had been given the impression that ALL New Launches will give you capital gains in a short period of time..


    STOP YOUR SEARCH and Arrange for a Discussion with us before proceeding any further!

    Minimise Your Risk By Making An INFORMED DECISION


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  • Why Are New Launches Popular?

    And also probably why you should consider options which are new..

    First Mover Entry Price

    Provided that you purchase at the right time, you will be paying the same price as most of your neighbors. This way, you know that the value of your property is protected, as the chance of neighbors looking to sell at a loss is low.

    More Factors for Capital Appreciation

    Besides going along with the market trend and developments in the area, there are 3 other factors which help push for capital gains. This is why even though the overall market is 'stagnant', certain new launches had managed to outperform the overall market trend.

    Priced to Sell

    More often than not, developers are sellers which are genuine in selling. The only have a main goal, which is to ensure that their inventory is moving consistently.

  • Benefits of Working With Us For Your New Launch Purchase

    Here is what you gain when you engage us to purchase a new launch property directly from developers.


    101% Direct Developer Pricing & Latest Updates from Official Developer Sales Team

    No more having to source everywhere for the best price, because we get it from the source.

    One-stop solution to all your new launch needs. Save time browsing through fake developer websites on Google and inaccurate listings on major property portals.

    Detailed Discussion to Cover All Matters of Your Purchase

    A fruitful discussion at the start will provide the shortcut to your ideal property.

    From doing up a detailed financial plan, to selling your current property, to discussing on the pros and cons of suitable options. Get clarity on your property plans in a discussion session.

    Learn About The Story Behind Every New Launch Project

    Get insights about all the projects, besides what is stated on the brochures and fact sheets.

    More often than not, properties are bought based on emotions. Go through the facts and data behind your purchase, so that you know you are getting into the right deal for your needs.

    Advise and Guidance At Every Step of The Process

    We got you covered, from getting the best mortgage packages, to a law firm that manages the paperwork.

    We work with mortgage specialists from both local and overseas bank so that you are able to gain from the best packages available. We are able to do an initial comparison of all packages before you even begin speaking with them so that you will not get confused with the various offerings.

    Narrowing Down to Your Choice Unit

    Equally as important as choosing the right project, is to select the right unit.

    Various considerations such as price, facing, level, direction etc will help contribute to your overall enjoyment and ability to sell or rent faster than your neighbors in the same development when it is ready for occupation.


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