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  • Looking for the SECRET to Succeed as a Salesperson in Real Estate?

    The Truth is, There is NO SECRET.

  • 3 Categories of Agents that You Can Choose to Join

    ..and the Pros and Cons (based on what I had observed and experienced myself throughout my career)

    The Very Consistent Producer

    Your Objective: Hope to Learn SECRET FORMULA

    Pros: If can follow 100% in terms of determination, drive, attitude, marketing budget, similar character (soft skills) and having the same knowledge, SURE SUCCEED


    Cons: If unable to follow strictly to formula, get 'lost' and unsure of what to do because manager will unlikely will have a lot of time to guide you step by step

    The Biggest Leader of Successful Divisions

    Your Objective: Look for BEST Mentor

    Pros: Proven track record and may have seen many success stories with different character and background. Can identify and relate which path suits best


    Cons: Due to multiple commitments, may not be able to have time to guide 100%, may feel distant due to being one of the many associates

    The Smaller Group Actively Looking for Like-Minded Partners in A Successful Division

    Your Objective: Look to Learn and Grow TOGETHER

    Pros: Feel more at home in an environment which aims to build a long term relationship and culture together. More time for individual associate.


    Cons: No wealth of experience in running a team, thus rely on the bigger division for support

  • FACT: With the Right Mindset, Joining Any Of the Above 3 Categories Can Bring You Success


    However, What is Crucial and Can Accelerate Your Personal Growth is...



  • Peek Into An Environment to Look Forward To

    Weekly Work Related Events

    Monthly Meeting | Insider Training | Showflat Tour

    Quarterly Bonding Events

    Gatherings Where Teammates Put Work Aside to Mingle and Have Fun!

    Award Ceremonies

    Events Where We Celebrate Our Achievements as a Division

  • What Can You Expect

    1 to 1 Guidance

    You can be assured that time will be put aside for your growth. Structure your personal goals and plans not only with us, but also from Million Dollar Producer, Aaron Wan. This is also applicable in tough situations when you require a second opinion before taking a certain action in the the midst of handling various cases.

    Accelerated Growth in Terms of Knowledge

    Unrivaled training programs by PropNex PNG, but more importantly, guidance on how to apply to your personal career and focus area. 

    A Supportive Environment

    We are a division with lots of teammates with a similar goal and mindset. You can look forward to getting support from teammates who are more than willing to share through various chat groups on a daily basis.

    Opportunities to Network

    Through the multiple trainings and gatherings which are organised in AWD. You will definitely have the opportunity to make more friends in a 'lonely' industry such as real estate. Plus, you are able to learn from experiences of others as well so that you can apply to your cases immediately.

  • Some of Our Personal Career Milestones

  • 1


    - Monthly and Annual Top Producers Awards



    - Million Dollar Club

    - Centurion Award ($100K in a Month)

    - Monthly and Annual Top Producers Award



    - Promoted to Team Manager

    - Platinum Award ($100K in a Month)

    - Monthly and Annual Top Producers Award


    To Understand Further On The Value Add You Will Receive When You Choose to Join Us

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